Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Infinity: Haqqislam Starter Pack

For those of you who don't know already, Inifinity is a skirmish-style tabletop wargame set 175 years in the future. Various regions of the earth are represented by different factions. The Middle East is represented by a group known as Haqqislam or "New Islam." These are humanist Muslims who focus on the pursuit of knowledge. The Haqqislam force is focused on specialists. They have a higher Willpower attribute than most of the other factions and tend to be a bit pricier pointwise.

If you want to learn more about this awesome game or download the free rules go to

The starter box comes with six figures and slotted plastic bases for each. These guys (and gal) are stored in small plastic bags and boxed between two layers of foam. The bagging only caused slight bending on one of the figures which was easily fixed.

As they are white metal, the figures required some cleanup. I used my hobby knife and a diamond file for this. The seam lines were sometimes in awkward places (one was along a face...), but they were very small and easily removed. The flash was also quickly removed by a the hobby knife.
Ghulam Infantry
Ghulam Infantry
Blurry Ghulam Infantry
The sculpts on these guys are beautiful. They are quite detailed, and their faces are very expressive for a 28mm fig. They really do fine work and blow other companies in their field out of the water. I'm looking forward to painting these guys!


  1. have you some detail photos of unpacking?

  2. Sorry no. They came in the bags shown in the pics individually sealed. The bags were placed in between two pieces of foam inside of the box.

  3. coz i try to finde some videos with unpacking i am thinking about it (my firs twargame). So i want to know how its look. And in my city is no shop.