Friday, February 11, 2011

First attempts with the new compressor/brush

So I've started playing around with the new compressor and brush... Man do I have alot to learn. The compressor is pretty nice. The only downside I see to it is that in order to regulate the working pressure, you have to open the bleed valve which, in turn, turns the compressor on (This defeats the purpose of having the "smart jet" compressor turn off when it's full...). On the upside, it's very quiet and once you get it at the correct pressure, as long as you're not continually pressing on the trigger, it seems to remain relatively consistent.

I was having some trouble with my brush at first. The trigger was not set right (probably knocked out of place in transit). After I figured this out by taking it apart and putting it back together about five times, the brush seemed to work fine.

My main problem now is consistently thinning my paints. I'm working with vallejo air (you don't have to thin it) vallejo game color (1:1 ratio) and vallejo model color (guesswork ratio...). I have the most of the model color and it was consistently gumming up my brush. I'll continue to play around with it this weekend to see what types of consistency work best. Everyone says to thin it to where it looks like milk, but that's hard to judge in a dark color...

More updates to come!


  1. Hello Tex, I find that mixing 3:1 thinner/game color seems to work okay (as a start). It really depends on the pigment or thickness of the paint, especially with vallejo game colors since they all seem to have different consistences. I just bought a new brush; gravity fed, and a new compressor since I lost my old one in a move. Before I was using an old aztec brush before they were bought out by testors. Currently, I'm debating on painting dark angels or just ultramarines, I've done some test models, haven't posted anything yet (Till I get a solid foundation) of how I'm going to go about painting them. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog, you seem cool, I'd like to paint blood angels but there seems to be alot of it going around at the moment. Trendy :P

  2. Thanks for the post! As I continue to do more airbrushing I'm finding more and more that, the thinner your paints are, the better (to a point).

    That's a killer thing to lose in a move...

    I've always thought that DA look cooler than Ultramarines, but with the Ultramarines, you can play out any of the current SM builds. With the DA you're a bit more limited.