Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blood Angels Vindicator

For my next piece, I'm using my new setup of an Iwata studio series smart jet compressor, and the Iwata Eclipse airbrush.
I used a hobby knife to add nicks and scrapes to the model to show wear from battle. After this was done, the model was primed using vallejo game color white primer diluted 1:1 with Vallejo thinner. Vallejo Model Color flat red was used as a base and was thinned 2:1 (thinner:paint).
In this photo, I have outlined all of the panel lines using a mix of the base color with vallejo air color grey black at a 5:3 ratio. I did this before the panel fading step because fine lines are much harder to do than the broader portions done in panel fading and mistakes can be covered up with the highlights easily. This was sprayed at 20 psi.

For the vehicle's exhaust pipe's, I sprayed grey black on and behind the pipes to imitate smoke. Vallejo silver was used around the vehicle to imitate chipped paint. This was done with very little paint on the brush and "smudged" on to give a random and disordered look. Vallejo model air tank brown was then sprayed from below to imitate dust (this could probably have been skipped). Winsor and Newton oils Burnt umber and yellow ochre were lightly smudged around the base of the model to imitate dirt and grime spraying from the tracks. This will later be aided by pigments. Burnt umber was also added near several of the chipped paint pieces in order to give the paint a worn look. W&N perylene black was used on the drybrushed silver metallic areas to tone the metal down.

More to come!

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