Saturday, January 15, 2011

Orc: axe, cloak, starting the belt.

Sometimes something goes wrong and it turns out pretty darn well. I was originally planning for the axe to be a wet blend of black-gray-white. As it turns out, one of the grays that I bought was more of a black, and the black that I bought has a blue tint to it. So, I decided to try it out anyway. The black was brushed around the head of the axe. A 1:1 mix of titanium white and perylene black gave the blue/gray color in the middle, and the the same white was used on the edge. The colors were blended together which proved much more difficult with lighter colors than with the rest of the model which is significantly darker.
The pelt turned out to be the most frustrating piece to paint so far with this mini. I used the perylene black, burnt umber, yellow ochre and titanium white. The blending would not have been difficult except for when the yellow ochre came into contact with any of the black, it turned green! So, I had to go through and reshadow with a heavy layer of burnt umber (luckily it's fur so thickness doesn't matter).
Here is the beginning of the belt. The fur lining was finished using a similar color scheme as the pelt (with more white). The dark red is alazarin crimson and I'll probably be using this color as a base for my blood angel army. the highlight on the raised swirls was yellow ochre pale which made the belt really look like it's catching the sun. I can't do the skull for a couple of days unless I want it pink! The red needs to be completely dry in order for it not to taint the white highlights that will go on the skull.


  1. That axe is looking sick man. I also like how you did the shield. Very nice.

  2. Thanks! It's cool how mistakes can end up looking good.