Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oils and Wet Blending

So I've started up on an Andrea Miniatures orc that I've had boxed away for quite some time. I've been wanting to try wet blending with oils for awhile as acrylic wet blending hasn't worked out too well for me. This is the first of a series of step by step pics that I'll post as the figure progresses.

I used Winsor Newton Artist Oils for this figure. One of the best thing with oils is drying time. These oils will take about two days to dry, and this really helps when you're trying to blend colors together. When painting with oils, it's important to use an undercoat of either acrylic or lacquer as sometimes you thin out the oil paint to a point where you can see through (you don't want to see the primer underneath!). So for the skin, an acrylic green (vallejo model colors) was used. For the wet blending, I decided I wanted to use an overhead lighting  scheme. The initial oil coat of a dark green was applied to all of the skin areas. When using oils you have to play with the paint until the brush marks go away. Don't use too much paint as it will clump. The next color was added to the raised areas of the muscles. As I progressed through the color scheme I added slight amounts of yellow to the original dark green. After you brush on the yellow/green, remove the excess paint on a towel and begin to brush the margins of the two layers together. Clean your brush frequently to enhance blending. Add yellow to the original dark green until you have reached the desired highlight level. Look at the figure under varying degrees of light for a good impression.
 I hope this has helped some of you that want to get into wet blending and oils. More posts to come.

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